Solovis Launches New Risk Analytics Platform Designed for Asset Owners and Allocators

DALLAS, Oct. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Solovis, a multi-asset class portfolio management, analytics and reporting platform for limited partners, asset owners and allocators, today announced the launch of a new application for analyzing and managing investment portfolio multi-factor risk. Solovis Risk Analytics is a cloud-based application that enables institutional investors and risk teams to easily analyze bottom-up multi-factor risk exposures across a diverse portfolio and identify opportunities for risk mitigation.

Solovis Risk Analytics eliminates the need for siloed risk systems and inefficient spreadsheets, delivering a complete risk management and reporting platform across all asset types. As part of the overall Solovis Portfolio Analytics platform, the Solovis Risk application provides accurate, timely insights into exposure, performance and liquidity data for historical scenario analysis and market stress tests. With Solovis Risk Analytics, institutional investment and risk teams benefit from the ability to:

  • Perform fast, accurate risk analysis and automated calculations across a variety of scenarios and market stress outcomes such as Covid-19, 2008 Financial Crisis, S&P 500 down 10% and others
  • Leverage pre-existing data access and aggregations from a powerful IBOR uniquely designed for asset owners and allocators
  • Improve efficiency and eliminate data latency and reconciliation
  • Gain a more comprehensive view of portfolio risk across all asset types, with factors configurable to each client’s investment thesis and strategy
  • Inform better investment decision with a risk platform uniquely designed for asset owner and allocator needs

“Effectively managing risk across a multi-asset class portfolio is more critical than ever,” said Josh Smith, CEO and co-founder of Solovis. “Solovis Risk Analytics is designed to simplify and streamline complex risk assessments by providing accurate insights into a variety of risk considerations. These insights combined with powerful algorithmic calculations, position measurements, risk modeling and proxying capabilities empower risk teams to more effectively manage and mitigate risk and support better investment decisions at any level of investment transparency.”

About Solovis

Solovis, a Nasdaq company, is leading fintech innovation for institutional investors with a powerful cloud-based platform for multi-asset class portfolio management, reporting and analytics – uniquely designed for the limited partner community. EndowmentsfoundationspensionsOCIOs and family offices leverage Solovis to transform how they collect and aggregate investment data, analyze portfolio performance, model and predict future outcomes and share meaningful portfolio insights with key stakeholders. The Solovis institutional investment management technology platform enables detailed analysis and dynamic data modeling across multiple portfolios and pools of capital for actionable, transparent insights that empower both operations and investment teams. Visit

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