Risk-based Vulnerability Management: Focus On The Vulnerabilities That Pose The Greatest Risk

Too many vulnerabilities to manage? Try a new approach.

Security teams are dealing with more vulnerabilities than they can handle. Spreading these limited – and valuable – resources too thin can quickly lead to inefficiency and job burnout, especially in Asia.

The last thing you need is to waste precious time remediating vulnerabilities that pose little to no risk

With risk-based vulnerability management, you can automate the prioritization process. You’ll know exactly which vulnerabilities are likely to be exploited – and the ones that will cause the biggest impact on the business.

Download the ebook now to:

  • See how risk-based vulnerability management answers, “What should we fix first?”
  • Understand why legacy vulnerability management is no match for today’s digital world
  • Find out why CVSS fails as a prioritization tool – and why it’s imperative to consider business context, including vulnerability data, threat intelligence and asset criticality

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