Salesforce Einstein and Tableau

Salesforce & Tableau acquisition is nearly completing 1 year. This was a blockbuster acquisition of Salesforce of value $15.7 billion. Many people must have thought, why Salesforce has done this acquisition when it has Einstein? Let’s try to find out the answer.

Einstein is Salesforce’s Analytics/AI platform. In 2016, Salesforce has acquired BeyondCore . Much of Einstein cloud features like Smart Data Discovery, Smart Data Prep, Automated Analytics & Storytelling were built upon BeyondCore.

While Einstein would help analyst bring data from various sources, analyses data & inference insights out of it, it will all be incomplete without a robust visualization on top of it. That’s where Tableau comes in a picture, to fulfill this gap. In short Salesforce Einstein & Tableau will complement each other very well to give customer complete solution, by providing customers a place to analyse deep in its own cloud.

Einstein analytics largely aims at CRM-centric analytic needs whereas Tableau provides it broad & multi-purpose analytical capabilities.

PFB benefits of both tools consolidated at one place

Both tools have it’s PROs & CONs. But working together, these will overlap each other & help fill in the gap to provide a complete package.Now the obvious question we hear is “Which tool should we use?”

According to me, to answer this question is totally depends upon the specific scenario you are working on. Hence for organizations, if I say Answer is “ Both” then it won’t be incorrect. Organizations will need to take a decision based on scenario they are dealing with!

Let’s try to understand it from different teams perspective in any organization. Let’s take an example of “Sales team” and “Supply chain & Logistics team”.

Sales Team :

What Sales team is interested in?

1.      Which are the opportunities?

2.      What is in pipeline?

Sales team will be happy to have this information visible on their mobile phones ”On the go”.

Supply chain & Logistics Team:

This team is interested in:

1.      Real time updates on stock

2.      Current inventory levels

This team would not like to check everything on Mobile as they must deal with lot of data.

Looking at both these teams needs, Einstein Analytics suits best for Sales team, as it embed well in web & mobile Salesforce interfaces & it can easily provide insights of opportunity, pipeline & forecast. Whereas Supply Chain & Logistics team is interested more in real time updates for which Tableau is a correct choice.

Takeaway is Einstein Analytics for “Sales Team” and Tableau for back office users – “Supply chain & Logistics Team” is an appropriate choice.

User Experience is equally important to intelligence Delivered. Hence both these factors will decide the success of any Analytics solution proposed. Tableau along with Einstein supported by appropriately designed data architecture will provide better & expected outcomes than using a single tool out of these.

Multi-product analytics solution is the right choice & a way forward for an Enterprise…… 


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