Lenovo’s Wave Of The Future Is Here Today: 5 Next-Generation Data Center Products

Lenovo’s data center innovation engine is in full swing this year as the company launched a slew of new architectures to elevate server capabilities and take its hybrid cloud strategy to the next level.

“We recently launched our biggest, broadest set of solutions around hybrid cloud,” said Wilfredo Sotolongo, Chief Customer Officer for Lenovo Data Center Group in an interview with CRN. “We launched the latest and great versions of hybrid cloud appliances based on Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft and Diamanti, who’s a Kubernetes hybrid cloud platform. We launched both Intel and AMD options around some of these. What we are doing is positioning ourselves as a provider of hybrid cloud solutions that addressed the breathe of our offerings from the largest enterprises, who tend to go with a VMware-based solution, to the smallest enterprises that tend to go with a Microsoft set of solutions, and then everything in-between.So we position ourselves as a bit of a swiss army knife, capability of executing hybrid cloud solutions with our alliance partners.”

CRN breaks down five of the most important data center product launches from Lenovo in 2020.



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