GrowFlow Launches “GrowFlow Live Marketplace” to Seamlessly Connect Cannabis Buyers and Sellers Through Compliant Transactions

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GrowFlow, a business management and compliance solution for cannabis wholesalers and retailers, today announced the launch of GrowFlow Live Marketplace, a B2B virtual marketplace that will link cannabis wholesalers and retailers in a digital storefront that features up-to-date inventory.

Developed for both cannabis wholesalers and retailers, GrowFlow Live Marketplace allows retailers to view and order products while guaranteeing state and municipal compliance for every transaction completed. Flexible controls allow wholesalers to customize each buyer’s experience, enabling them to showcase specific products to specific retail stores. Wholesalers can also save time listing sizes they want to sell and only packaging orders after they have been made. Orders from Live Marketplace are automatically created in GrowFlow, further saving wholesalers time from having to manually enter orders. For retailers, GrowFlow Live Marketplace is always open, enabling retailers to shop and place orders anytime and at their convenience.

Additional Live Marketplace features for cannabis wholesalers include:

  • Creation of multiple storefronts for different brands or bulk products
  • Ability to display special pricing for specific customers
  • No pre-splitting inventory, saving both time and effort
  • Ability to set backorder limits to maximize sales, even if inventory is not yet available

Additional Live Marketplace features for cannabis retailers include:

  • Ability to quickly replenish inventory in one place, rather than restocking from numerous sources
  • Reduction in last-minute scrambling due to a supplier being unable to fulfill a given order
  • Introduction to new vendors selling hot new cannabis products

“As more and more cannabis markets mature across the country, wholesalers and retailers are becoming more sophisticated, focusing less on compliance and more on growing their individual business and revenue streams,” said Travis Steffen, CEO of GrowFlow. “We heard from our customers  that inventory was a near-constant pain point for them, so our goal with developing Live Marketplace was not only to make ordering efficient and easy, but to enable sellers to expand their customer base beyond existing buyers, and enable buyers to discover new brands and products they may not have had access to previously.”

GrowFlow B2B Live Marketplace’s catalog of inventory and products is unique to the industry because of the live inventory feed. With this new marketplace product, there is no longer a need for wholesalers to manually update inventory sheets weekly or to manually enter orders, as Live automatically inputs them into GrowFlow and updates all data daily.

Live Marketplace is available now throughout the state of Oklahoma, and will be steadily expanding to all states where GrowFlow products are offered through the end of the year. GrowFlow is already used by over 1,150 cannabis cultivators, processors, distributors, and retailers and has processed over 3 million transactions worth more than $1.44 billion. Its platform integrates with state systems such as metrc and LeafData and with other cannabis platforms such as SpringBig, dutchie and Jane.

About GrowFlow
Los Angeles-based GrowFlow is a customer-obsessed, B2B SaaS platform dedicated to helping their customers grow their cannabis businesses. They provide compliance, inventory management, point of sale, analytics and sales tools for cannabis and hemp businesses at various points in the supply chain. Founded in late 2016, GrowFlow is run by experienced technology founders and executives with management experience from organizations like Google, Microsoft, Expedia, TenCent, and others, and boasts 1,150 customers in 7 states – including some of the largest operations in the world. For more information, visit


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