Actminds Offers Solution Providers White-Label Services For AI

Actminds wants to help solution providers stay ahead of the curve with white-label services for artificial intelligence and data science solutions.

The Philadelphia-based company, which has a major presence in Brazil, is a solution provider itself and counts Microsoft and Amazon Web Services as partners, but what the 850-employee company has that others may lack is a deep expertise in developing new product offerings around AI and data science.

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Gil Seabra, director of business development at Actminds, said with this expertise, his company aims to fill in the gaps a value-added reseller or managed services provider may have in their product portfolio.

“Let’s say they have a customer that would like to improve the way they use analytics or they don’t use it at all. And at the same time, this provider is not prepared for that,” he said. “So they can count on us as a partner, as a white-label partner, and we can do the work with their name and help the final customer to achieve good results using analytics.”

In one example, Seabra said, Actminds helped a hamburger restaurant chain build a couponing system that uses an AI algorithm to predict what a customer may order if they pick certain menu items. In another, it built an AI-powered mobile app that helps field auditors assess whether merchandise is properly positioned at different retail stores.

In addition to developing white-label products for AI and analytics, Actminds can create broader white-label offerings around digital transformation, which Seabra said is especially relevant now because many organizations are looking to accelerate digitization efforts in the face of the pandemic.

“With COVID, many companies needed to go digital faster. Some of them were already in the process, but some of them were not,” Seabra said.

While these white-label offerings can help solution providers improve their margins, it also can give them something that could help more long term: a competitive edge.

“It’s not only increasing your profit margins and increasing the amount of work you’re doing with customers, but it’s also locking it in and strengthening your relationship with them,” Fernando Zambroti, business transformation director at Actminds, said.

Beyond developing white-label products solution providers can sell to their customers, Actminds can also use AI, data science and analytics to help them improve existing products and processes.

“We can help them from the whole identification of data sources and how to transform data, how to store data, how to organize data, and at the end, how to extract the correct data to generate dashboards, to then generate some predictions that can be very helpful in many different areas like [human resources] and finance,” Seabra said.

While Actminds uses a variety of tools and frameworks, from Hadoop to TensorFlow, to build products, the company makes a point to adapt to the technology stack its customers are using.

“If they’re a Microsoft shop, it makes a lot of sense for us to build new solutions on top of Microsoft Azure because everything is going to connect much better,” Zambroti said. “Sometimes they’re working with [Amazon Web Services], for instance, so we can build within AWS.”


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